The Patriot Zone


Galactic Federation Between Aliens

Galactic Federation Between Aliens & U.S. Government! Computer hacker uncovers proof that the U.S. government is working with extraterrestrial beings. See more in this scene from Season 19, Episode 7, "Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind." "Ancient Aliens" explores the controversial theory that extraterrestrials have visited Earth for millions of years. HISTORYยฎ is the leading destination for award-winning original series and specials that connect viewers with history in an informative, immersive, and entertaining manner across all platforms. The networkโ€™s all-original…

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What was so scary about Teslaโ€™s ideas

What was so scary about Teslaโ€™s ideas? Did Nikola Tesla find the secret to unlimited energy? And is there a plot to hide his findings? Hollywood actor @amrwaked delves deep into Nikola Tesla and whether the inventor saw the Great Pyramid of Giza as a power generator [vc_video link="" align="center" css_animation="fadeIn"]

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Joe Rogan Experience Graham Hancock - Randall Carlson

Joe Rogan, Graham Hancock, & Randall Carlson Graham Hancock is an English author and journalist, well known for books such as "Fingerprints Of The Gods" & his latest book "Magicians of the Gods" is available now. Randall Carlson is a master builder and architectural designer, teacher, geometrician, geomythologist, geological explorer and renegade scholar. [vc_video link="" align="center" css_animation="fadeIn"]

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The Innocence of Lee Harvey Oswald

The Innocence of Lee Harvey Oswald Encyclopedia Britannica Assassination of John F. Kennedy, mortal shooting of John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, as he rode in a motorcade in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963. His accused killer was Lee Harvey Oswald, a former U.S. Marine. Gary Fannin discusses his book The Innocence of Oswald: 50+ Years of Lies, Deception & Deceit in the Murders of President John F. Kennedy & Officer J.D. Tippit. With the…

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Lee Harvey Oswald's Final Phone Call

Lee Harvey Oswald's Final Phone Call Just hours before his death, Lee Harvey Oswald tried to call Raleigh, North Carolina from the Dallas jail on the evening of Nov. 23, 1963. For years, this significant information was ignored by assassination investigators and concealed from the public. Surprise guest speaker and JFK Assassination expert the late Jim Marrs joins Dr. Proctor on stage at 58 min. In the early 1980s, independent researcher Dr. Grover Proctor broke new ground on Oswaldโ€™s attempted…

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